Therapeutic Massages with Rostislav

Mental Detoxification – Biodynamic Head Treatment

  • The procedure uses the techniques of craniosacral therapy with biodynamics (especially venous drainage) to support the natural healing abilities and deep wisdom of the body
  • By gentle manipulation on the head we aid to take away all the toxic substances and waste from the brain area
  • The treatment will lead you into a state of deep relaxation
  • Increasing the vitality of the whole body
  • Recommended primarily as a relief of stress and tension, in states of exhaustion and fatigue, in migraines, but also in other difficulties, or as prevention and health support

    50 minutes / 1 450 CZK                                                             

Therapeutic Massage Tuina

  • Chinese massage therapy – stimulation of acupuncture points and energy pathways
  • By pressing, kneading and stretching we release blocked pathways, promoting undisturbed flow of energy, which contributes to the overall improvement of health and mental condition


50 minutes / 1 450 CZK
80 minutes / 1 850 CZK


This offer only applies to predetermined dates and depends on weather. For free dates please do not hesitate to contact our wellness reception. The whole therapy is done in comfortable clothes (sweatpants, leggings, t-shirt, ...). Please do not hesitate to contact the wellness reception for free appointments at +420 577 113 675 nebo