Wellness retreat centre

Garden of six senses

Visit our new Garden of six senses, which enchants and inspires you!

Garden has several stops, which correspond with human senses.

The first stop is a summerhouse that is dedicated to a sense of hearing and to a healing power of music. Here you can play various musical instruments and listen to the calming tones that emanate from them.

Nearby, you will be interested in wooden lanterns, which do not fulfill their purpose as a source of light, but unusually contain pleasant scent of various herbs (such as cinnamon, lavender, etc.). This place is actually dedicated to you smell, so open one of the four lanterns and try their scent.

Continue further and you get on our barefoot pathway, where you can try various surfaces. This is ideal for feet relaxing and serves as a natural pedicure. Other stop on that way is a place, where you can try feeling in your hands and use another one of your senses.

In the garden, you can find also Labyrinth, which is dedicated to sense of sight. One part of the hotel’s garden is also small eatable garden and its renowned tastes.




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