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Today's times require us to constantly perform higher, work demands are increasing, everything happens faster. We live many times more hectic than a few years ago. Our daily work and personal life brings with it many negative aspects - both physical, mental and spiritual.

It is not surprising that there are more and more managers, executives and employees in various fields with symptoms of stress, fatigue and general exhaustion.

Workshops in the meditation yurt of the Augustinian House offer practical tools to increase work efficiency, prevent stress overload, actively care for health, and improve the quality of work and personal life.

For whom the workshops are primarily intended:

  • Executives and management at all levels
  • A profession burdened with excessive stress
  • Employees in direct contact with customers, employees in HR and administration

Main topic: MINDFULNESS - the present moment

What will mindfulness bring you?

  • Coping with stressful situations and reducing stress in everyday life
  • The ability to concentrate better and consciously control one's own psyche
  • The possibility of meditation anytime and anywhere
  • Active mental health care and the basics of mental hygiene

The price 5.990 CZK is fixed for 1-8 people, the minimum duration interval is 2 hours.

The workshops are conducted under the guidance of our wellness therapist Rostislav Nyč. Confirmation of the date is always by mutual agreement.

For more information, contact the wellness reception at spa@augustian.cz.

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