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The AUGUSTINIAN HOUSE in Luhacovice was built in the years 1902 – 1904 according to an adapted project of the Augustinian monastery of St. Thomas in Old Brno from the architect Vladimír Fischer from Brno. The architect was inspired by historicising influence of English country buildings with a strong accent on quarry stone which is used on the facade upto the level of a cordon cornice. The combination of the neo-renaissance style of the main bulding with the neo-classic style of the chapel represents one whole. The house was used as an accommodation for priests and catholic families.



St Maria Chapel reflects the historicising neo-gothic influence. A usual gothic model of sacral buldings was used here – groined vault with a polygonal key-stone and with stone buttresses, including trefoil arched windows and a saddle portal in the sacristry.


Saint Thomas is the patron of theologists, healer of the back pain and one can plead with him for a good marriage.
He is also the patron of architects, builders, surveyors, carpenters, masons, geodesists and stonemasons. He was also a patron of the Augustinian House – his symbol the letters ST can be found today on several places of the facade and you can also find them adapted in the hotel logo.


"I welcome you, friends, in a place that is dear to me. We may not meet each other in time, but at least we meet in space. The Augustinian House, which you are about to visit or perhaps you already visit regularly, has been a place of rest and creative work for me for many years. I visited Luhačovice regularly. This region has become a source of inspiration for me. The folk songs that I heard and recorded in the region! I let myself be enchanted by all the beauties of life and its strangeness, evil and good, sorrow and joy, love and hate, struggle and reconciliation - simply by what life brings. And I tried to portray all that in my music. Maybe you know me from music halls, recordings that you play in the comfort of your home or simply from school."

Leoš Janáček, music composer


It was in the Augustinian House that the world-famous Glagolitic Mass or sketches for the beloved Liška Bystrouška were created in 1926. Leoš Janáček spent his convalescent vacation in the Augustinian House a total of 12 times. He was accommodated here for the first time on August 21 - September 4, 1912. From 1918 - 1928, he was faithful to the "Augustine" until the last holidays in 1928.


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