Wellness retreat centre

Outdoor swimming lagoon with waterfall

We have created an outdoor swimming lagoon with a breathtaking waterfall, which complements our unique Wellness retreat center. The lake includes 3 relaxation piers, a sunny sunbathing meadow and plenty of relaxation zones with sun loungers where you can experience your perfect relaxation. In the colder season, you can use it after sauna rituals to cool down and strengthen your immunity.


Wellness retreat centers include the Garden of 6 Senses and the meditation yurt "Care for the Soul".  The newly created space is another place to calm down and rediscover the balance between the inner and outer worlds.


  • this area is for hotel guests only
  • it is a swimwear and relax zone
  • between 7–10 a.m. maintenance of the pond takes place
  • swimming pond is not intended for small visitors 0–12 years
  • slippery surface


Technical parameters:

  • Water surface size 25x15m
  • Swimming depth is 1.4m
  • The depth of the coastal zone is 0.3m.


Year-round use: 

  • SUMMER: swimming
  • SPRING+AUTUMN: cooling and relaxing around the pond
  • WINTER: cooling

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