Wellness retreat centre

Meditation yurt

The newly opened yurt is called "Soul Care.This space is a place to calm and rediscover the balance between the inner and outer world.

"Stop, calm down your thoughts and wait what your intuition and inwardness will bring to you. Come here to do nothing, just be." Peace is becoming scarce today, we offer you the opportunity to experience it again. Know what it's like to come back to yourself. 

Meditation yurt is opened only for hotel guests from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day.

10 Rules of yurt:

 1. You enter the sacred space
2. Take off your shoes
3. Turn off your cell phone, have time for yourself
4. Put everything what is unnecessary on hanger
5. Rest your mind and mouth
6. This space is not intended for kids 0-12 years
7. Don´t eat only meditate
8. Find your place for peace
9. Be careful – stove is hot
10. Enter with reverence and respect


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