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Winter in wellness centre

The winter months represent the perfect time for a visit to the wellness & spa. All activities in the nature slow down and a period of vegetative calm arrives. We are living through long dark evenings and rather short days. Our bodies respond to these natural changes of the cycle - with the prevailing winter energy, they require different attitudes and care than in other seasons. As if our mood and life force were draining away with the fading light. We feel the need for warmth whilst hot drinks and hot meals do us good. At the wellness & spa we listen closely to these signals and our winter procedures are focused on warming up the body and replenishing your energy. To accomplish this we use the effects of purely natural oils and essences, inspired by local herbs and traditional resources.

For more information and wellness treatments please feel free to contact the wellness reception at +420 577 113 675 or by e-mail: spa@augustian.cz

Our wellness team is looking forward to welcoming you!


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