Seasonal procedures

Winter Ritual of Fire & Ice

  • The ritual starts with a preliminary pressure massage,
    followed by a whole body massage with hot lava stones that are alternated with stones cooled by iced chips stage of

  • The ritual includes a body wrap with natural resources

  • Focusing not only on the physical side, but also stirring up a feeling of mental ease
  • This whole body treatment leaves a long lasting
    feeling of warmth, provides overall encouragemen t to the
    function of internal organs and detoxifies the body.

80 minutes / 1 850 CZK

Relaxing Whole-body Massage

  • Perfect immersion in physical and mental ease
  • Releases body blockages and removes accumulated tension
  • Aromatherapy with winter fragrances positively influences the mental state and supports the relaxing effect of the massage

    50 minutes / 1 450 CZK

Winter Reflexology

  • Relaxation of the musculoskeletal system and pain relief
  • Deep, very efficient method that has both therapeutic and preventive effects on your aching muscles, joints, spine or head
  • It focuses on the parts of the body most affected by stress and physical tension, i.e. mainly on the back, neck and nape, feet and head
  • Targeting pressure on reflex points

50 minutes / 1 450 CZK                                                                           

If you have to cancel your booked wellness treatment, please do so at least 24 hours before the time you have booked otherwise we will charge the cancellation fee - 100% of the wellness treatment.

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