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Spring procedures



Ritual primarily aimed at awakening life energy, improving the function of internal organs and overall detoxification of the body.
During the whole body massage we use traditional cleansing and drainage techniques, improve the function of the liver, gallbladder and lymphatic system.

  • welcome ritual with inhalation and relaxation of lymphatic pathways 
  • brushing of the body, the roots of which can be found in the Far East, contributing also to the reduction of energy deposits
  • partial wrapping of loaded areas with extremely clean and fine natural green clay 
  • whole body massage with purely natural oil supplemented with essential oil of your choice, we recommend bergamot, ravintsara or grapefruit white 
  • tincture of chicory root full of vitamins and minerals to cleanse the liver and gallbladder

80 minutes / 2 390 CZK

Spring relaxing massage


...awakening of life energy...

  • forget about everyday worries and enjoy the magical atmosphere of spring with all your senses
  • revitalizing full body massage with purely natural oils relieves body blockages and removes accumulated tension
  • spring aromatherapy, inhalation with BIO French-Japanese essential oils Florihana supports the overall effect and positively affects the mental state


50 minutes/ 1 690 CZ

If you have to cancel your booked wellness treatment, please do so at least 24 hours before the time you have booked otherwise we will charge the cancellation fee - 100% of the wellness treatment.

For more information and wellness treatments please do not hesitate to contact the wellness reception on e-mail spa@augustian.cz

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