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  • SMELL - A separate selection of massage products, fragrances, ...
  • HEARING - Using Tibetan healing bowls and natural natural sounds
  • TOUCH - Hand and foot treatment to help increase the sensitivity of touch on the soles
  • VISION - Bringing attention to perceived sensations and increasing sensitivity
  • TASTE - Adding the energy needed to regenerate the body
  • INTUITION - Involvement of intuition in the selection of essence, cosmetics and gemstones; finding the perceived sensation - "How do I feel?"


50 minutes / 1 690 CZK



Discover comprehensive whole-body care, including an experiential ritual to get rid of physical and emotional toxins. The result is the acquisition of deep relaxation, perfect physical and mental energy.

  • introductory foot washing ritual
  • 30 minutes full body peeling with alkaline salt
  • 20 minute mud detox mask
  • full body relaxing massage using BIO oil
  • final gentle treatment of the head and neck
  • lavender tea that you can enjoy in a relaxing Zone
  • we use organic French-Japanese essential oils

    110 minutes / 2 790 CZK


Experience a feeling of relaxation of body and mind during a unique Augustinian massage. This procedure combines a full-body massage with the technique of reflexology foot massage and a pleasant warm-up.

  • introductory soothing ritual and pressure massage
  • warming the body with herbal pads
  • full body massage inducing perfect relaxation
  • reflexology foot massage harmonizing body and mind
  • final head massage to complete the feeling of deep relaxation
  • for massage we use French oil GERnétic, relieving muscle tension and fatigue

    80 minutes / 2 290 CZK


  • an in-depth massage of the back using herbal oil 
  • releases the muscle tonus, promotes the blood circulation in the skin and revives your senses
  • a very efficient means to help you fight the pains of the locomotive organs and daily stress

    50 minutes / 1 490 CZK

If you have to cancel your booked wellness treatment, please do so at least 24 hours before the time you have booked otherwise we will charge the cancellation fee - 100% of the wellness treatment.

The prices in Euro are indicative only. The exact price depends on the current exchange rate.

For more information and wellness treatments please do not hesitate to contact the wellness reception at  +420 577 113 675 or spa@augustian.cz

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