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Traditional massages



Feet are traditionally considered a mirror of body systems and their functions.  With the help of this procedure, there is a deep stimulation of energy pathways.

  • Introductory ritual with bath and foot peeling
  • combination of massage techniques leading to overall
    relaxation and a feeling of lightness

  • stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation
  • acts on internal organs and improves their functions


50 minut / 1 490 CZK


  • harmonizing the human body on all levels
  • he therapist aims at massaging your back and the lower extremities
  • work with lava stones by using ancient healing techniques
  • ability to eliminate negative energy, to remove pain and to stimulate people`s life energy effectively

    50 minutes / 1 490 CZK



The treatment is aimed at vitalization and mineralization of the skin of the décolleté, neck and face, stimulating microcirculation and significantly refreshing the skin.Cosmetic products work on the basis of cell therapy, use meridian pathways and, based on homeopathic action, activate cells and stimulate the whole organism.

  •  introductory soothing ritual
  • surface cleansing of the skin

  • cosmetic facial massage
  • skin activation, lifting
  • Mask to strengthen
  • final care, day cream
  • evtl. supplement of the procedure for an additional fee – lifting serum Tenseur Flesh

  • we use French cosmetics GERnétic, natural active

    50 minutes / 1 690 CZK



Treat yourself to an exclusive treatment where you will experience beneficial care for the face and body. It is an unusual experience in the form of facial treatment, peeling of the whole body and body treatment designed for deep regeneration and refreshment of the skin. Your skin will be silky soft and pleasant to the touch.

  • introductory soothing ritual and pressure massage
  • fragrant essences evoking a relaxing atmosphere
  • full body peeling perfectly cleans and at the same time
    mineralizes the skin

  • cosmetic facial care focused on vitalization and
    significant refreshment of the skin

  • incorporation of nourishing oil and regenerative cream
    into the skin of the body together support the lymphatic
    drainage, remove stress and relieve muscle tension

  • we use French cosmetics GERnétic, natural active

    80 minutes / 2 290 CZK

If you have to cancel your booked wellness treatment, please do so at least 24 hours before the time you have booked otherwise we will charge the cancellation fee - 100% of the wellness treatment.

The prices in Euro are indicative only. The exact price depends on the current exchange rate.

For more information and wellness treatments please do not hesitate to contact the wellness reception at  +420 577 113 675 or spa@augustian.cz

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