Wellness retreat centre

Traditional massages


  • harmonizes body and mind
  • induces feeling of total release and lightness of your feet
  • improves blood and lymphatic circulation
  • deep stimulation of energetic lines and points on the soles
  • the internal organs are impacted and their functionality improves

    50 minutes / 1 450 CZK


  • harmonizing the human body on all levels
  • he therapist aims at massaging your back and the lower extremities
  • work with lava stones by using ancient healing techniques
  • ability to eliminate negative energy, to remove pain and to stimulate people`s life energy effectively

    50 minutes / 1 450 CZK

Eternal Gold

  • complex care for your skin
  • the natural “elixir of youth”
  • efective skin care
    • recommended especially for mature skin which tends to lose elasticity, brightness and vitality or as a regenerative treatment

      50 minutes / 1 450 CZK

Pumpkin therapy

  • inspired by the rich variety of all the plant extracts we can find in the nature
  • The benefit of this therapy is a noticeable improvement of the skin hydration, including elasticity
  • preventing dehydration of the intercellular space and thereby efficient prevention of the skin aging

    50 minutes / 1 450 CZK

Goat´s milk and lychee

  • nutrition and regeneration for every skin
  • the recipe has a wide range of regenerative effects, ensuring the skin's nutrition and long-lasting comfort
  • improves elasticity of skin and smoothness and has a generally soothing effect

    80 minutes / 1 850 CZK


  •  revitalizing and rejuvenating the skin
  • the active ingredients obtained in the nature protect it from external harmful effects
  • the treatment provides moisturizing and regeneration while the skin regains its vitality and brightness
  • recommended for all types of skin of every age

    80 minutes/ 1 850 CZK

If you have to cancel your booked wellness treatment, please do so at least 24 hours before the time you have booked otherwise we will charge the cancellation fee - 100% of the wellness treatment.

The prices in Euro are indicative only. The exact price depends on the current exchange rate.

For more information and wellness treatments please do not hesitate to contact the wellness reception at  +420 577 113 675 or spa@augustian.cz