Wellness retreat centre

Therapeutic Massages with Rostislav

Mental Detoxification 


Effective regeneration of the body during a hurried and stressful lifestyle. Gentle treatment of the head induces a state of deep relaxation and calming, thus allowing the body to get rid of the accumulated tension.

  • we use modern techniques of craniosacral therapy with biodynamics, especially drainage of venous canals - these help to remove waste and toxic substances from the head and brain area

  • this automatically aligns the nervous and immune systems and increases vitality

  • recommended especially in states of mental exhaustion and fatigue, migraines, but also as a health prevention and activation of healing forces                                                             

50 minutes / 1 690 CZK

Therapeutic oriental massage


Harmonizing treatments bringing physical and mental relief and energy flow in the body. The use of oriental massage techniques – especially Chinese pressure massage Tuina and Japanese Shiatsu treatment – and their combination into original massage therapy.

  • Targeted work on energy pathways and acupuncture points is always adapted to the individual needs of the body
  • Stimulation of specific points on the whole body leads to a gradual loosening of blocks and an overall improvement in energy flow
  • Recommended not only for physical relaxation and calming, but also as a support for the healthy functioning of internal organs and restoration of a sense of well-being


80 minutes / 2 290 CZK


This offer only applies to predetermined dates and depends on weather. For free dates please do not hesitate to contact our wellness reception. The whole therapy is done in comfortable clothes (sweatpants, leggings, t-shirt, ...). Please do not hesitate to contact the wellness reception for free appointments at +420 577 113 675 nebo spa@augustian.cz

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